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, that decision has not been made yet. >> to help us interpret this paula newton is at nato headquarters in bell ygium. the nato secretary-general said that nato will enforce the no-fly zone, but a decision is still yet to be made on the broader mission. so what does that really mean? >> what it means is this. they call this here no-fly plus. the no-fly will be in place by sunday night. the plus means an expanded role. they sent a directive saying how can we involved in a new robust role. >> i have to interpret you for a moment. secretary of state hillary clinton is making a estimate. hillary clinton. >> i met with the president and national security team. i want to give you an update on the international community's efforts to implement u.n. security council resolutions 1970 and 1973 and protect the civilians of libya. events have moved very quickly, so let's be clear about where we stand and how we got here. when the libyan people sought to realize their democratic aspirations they were met by extreme violence by their own government. the libyan people appealed to the world to help stop the th
's it for me. i'm wolf bliztzer in "the situation room". >> thanks for joining us. i'm jessica yellin. john king is off tonight. newt gingrich gets ready to make his presidential ambitions official, and possible republican candidate mike huckabee is confused about where the current president grew up. but first, the u.s. is closer to the crisis in libya. tonight two u.s. warships are heading for the waters off libya although for now he says it's not to fight. >> we'll be enter the mediterranean shortly. it will provide us a capability for both emergency evacuations. >> moammar gadhafi is trying as hard as he can to hold onto power. pro-gadhafi troops tried and failed to retake a town neurotripoli currently under rebel control. and one of gadhafi's sons tells cnn the government is trying to talk with the rebels, but the rebel leadership is in chaos. let's start with cnn's international correspondent, ben wedeman, who is in rebel-held city benghazi. the former libyan interior minister says the noose is tightening around gadhafi's neck. tell us where have you gone and what have you seen? >> we
that it will be brief. he will be speaking from the u.s. army right here in the nation's cap tell and speaking to a country that has mixed feelings about the third military intervention in the past decade and not to convince that this mission has a clear goal or exit strategy. the commander in chief will be speaking about how long and decision to intervening here and the united states and violence against demonstrators in bahrain, syria, another hot spot in the middle east. wolf blitzer will rejoin us before and after the president's big address, including anderson cooper as well as reports from inside experience team and great experience team of analysts. let's begin on the ground in libya. we'll check out the map. one clear result if you take a close look at the air strikes and remove here, i want to go back to march 18th. the day before the strikes began, the day before, you can see right here in red, these were towns just before, just before the strikes began. controlled red meaning controlled by the regime. look where we are today. controlled green. that is controlled by the opposition. t
, briefing them to a conference call about the u.s. nato's agreement to take charge of the no-fly zone. over at the pentagon, a top adral haa story that may indicate colonel gadhafi is getting desperate. >> we received reports today that he has taken to armying what he calls volunteers to fight opposition. i'm not sure whether they truly are volunteers or not and i of these ow many recruits he's going to get but i find it interesting that he may now feel it necessary to seek civilian reinforcements. >> reporter: turning nowo the libyan capital, we're joined by cnn senior correspondent nick robertn who is in tripoli. hi, nick. libyan officials, we understand, took you to eastern tripoli today and showed you theon effes of the coalition bombing campaign. what did you see when you were on the outskirts of the city? >> reporter: well, they wanted to show us civilian casualties which they weren't able to. sho us. they took to us a farm that appeared, part of the farmland area had been struck by a missile. we couldn't tell where the missile had come from or even who had fired it. what we saw when
i'm sure it's going to have a lot more as a result of this show. thanks very much for joining us. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "john king, usa" starts right now. >>> thanks, wolf, and good evening, everyone. tonight, anti-regime protesters in libya say much of the country is now under their control, including areas with major oil reserves. the united states and its allies are telling moammar gadhafi, time's up. >> it is time for gadhafi to go, now, without further violence or delay. the international community is speaking with one voice, and our message is unmistakable. >> but colonel gadhafi not only vows to fight on, in an interview with the bbc and abc news today, he denies the capital of tripoli is under siege or that he has lost his legitimacy as leader. >> they love me, all my people, they love me all. >> but if they do love -- >> they will die to protect me, my people. >> to that, the obama white house says this. >> it sounds just, frankly, delusional. and when he can laugh in talking to american and international journalists, while he is slaughtering his own peo
military force could be used to remove muammoammar gadhafi from power. at the moment libya is a tale of two countries, and an uncertain tale at that. rebel forces have control here in the eastern areas. that's despite another day of bombing runs. if gadhafi remains in control of the capital of tripoli to the west here, where residents describe constant fear and intimidation. so much that at the rate of about 15,000 a day, refugees going across the border. not libyans yet. most of them are foreign workers. but they are leaving because of the climate. and this is the border with tunisia. they are leaving from libya. still at the rate, we are told of about 15,000 a day. at the white house president obama conceded he's worried a long steal mate could be bloody and says the administration is considering a list of humanitarian and military options. caution is the watch word for the administration's response. >> gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. it's the right thing to do. >> but with the white house still reluctant to use mil
evening, everyone. tonight anti-aircraft flyers echo in tripoli as the u.s. and its allies attack moammar gadhafi's infrastructure. the anti-gadhafi opposition collective bargainingates the intervention but says it needs more help including more air strikes as it tries to retake key cities in eastern libya. president obama said regime change in libya is his personal goal but the president stresses it's not an objective of the military campaign and says the united states is already stepping back into more of a support role and letting other countries police the no fly zone. >> because it relieves the burden on our military, and relieves the burden on u.s. taxpayers to fulfill what is an international mission and not simply a u.s. mission. >> but some leading members of congress complain the president hasn't spelled out a clear mission and say they aren't so sure the fight will be as short as the white house hopes. >> we taught declare war. take a vote. take responsibility. the american people will find this has a long lasting tinge to it, very expense civilian tinge to it. >> more from sen
. >> a closer look at the map and talk more and more about those options and the risks of using u.s. military force in libya in a moment and take a close look at those air defense systems secretary gates just said there would have to be targeted before there could be any no-fly zone. first the latest on what right now on the ground if you look at the map amounts to a civil war playing out in libya. a tense and brutal civil war. these image, the green area controlled by opposition forces. opponents of moammar gadhafi. the red areas controlled by the gadhafi regime. if you had any doubt gadhafi would not use force against his own people look at these images today. the dust clouds coming up from the desert because the bombs were falling down from above. you see all this play out. these deadly bombings. where did that play outright here. cnn's ben wedeman is in eastern libya in braga. they have heard the reports but cannot confirm that moammar gadhafi is using his air force to bomb his own civilians. you got a close look at that today, did you not? >> reporter: yes, we did. we were on the road br
, candy. good evening, everyone. tonight major breaking news in two important global dramas. japan uses helicopters and water cannons in a desperate effort to cool fuel. and tonight there's word a new power line has been brought to the fukushima daiichi complex, but as friday dawns in asia, no sign of a major breakthrough and growing worries of two of the six reactors still in distress. >>> and first a major but belated commitment to stop the brutal march of gadhafi in libya. they voted to authorize not only a no-fly zone over libya, but also all necessary measures including military force to stop the government and mercenaries from slaughtering civilians. i'm told the pentagon and nato partners have contingencies that include air strikes to punish military units, leaving gadhafi's push on his strongholds in the east. now that the u.n. authorized sfors, the strikes could be carried out within hours if the president and his partners around the world issue the orders. cnn's richard roth track ad dramatic vote at the the united nations tonight. richards? >> john, u.s. ambassador to the u.n
will not give up. there will not -- they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of their rockets. the libyans are laughing at these rockets. >> plus, the risks of a war come front and center. usf-15 crashes in libya, its pilot and munitions officer forced to eject and float into the middle of a civil war. they are safe tonight. we'll explain the daring rescue operation with the help of someone who knows just how they work, former air force captain scott o'grady, who was shot down over bosnia 16 years ago. let's look at the battle with the questions raised by colonel gadhafi's refusal to meet the dpe meadowlands of president obama and the united nations coalition. most of the last four days have played out along the northern coast. saturday the attacks began, cruise missiles and air strikes in the key northern cities. sunday, the attacks intensified. especially more air strikes and the beginning of attacks on gadhafi's ground forces. again on monday, more cruise missiles and the attacks on the ground forces not only in the east near ben ghazi but over here as well. tuesday, in the last 24 hour
the reason why things have changed overnight here is because up until, you know, this morning, the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said japan is taking the right steps, in agreement with the way japan was handling it and have come out and as you have said have been downplaying the situation, haven't been giving all the information that they think should be available. so what we know is that these workers have to cool these plants, these reactors, these spent fuel rods if they're exposed for too long, they emit radioactivity, radioactive material so that is the danger. water cannons are being brought in to pump and spray water. that is something they have said will take place. they had planned to bring helicopters over and dump water into these pools, but that was scrapped because of high winds and high levels of radiation. now, john, there are some 180 workers, it started off with a skeleton workers of just 50. it has increased to 180 workers. they are inside that plant battling explosion, battling fires and trying desperately to pump that water in and they are the people who are tr
using firepower, including ships from the mediterranean and air force bombing runs on key held opposition cities. if the pictures aren't enough to reinforce the shift in the favor, sending a stern message to the opposition. >> i want those armed groups to listen to me real well, and i want the people in the east to hear this as well. we are coming! >> and lirch sten to this. a blunt assessment from america's top officiant. >> this is kind of a stealemate back and forth, but i think this is a long return that the regime will prevail. >> because of that, the opposition says it desperately needs help from the united states and nato. but the native allies made clear that no military options are imminent. >> if there were to be a need for enforcement, there would need to be a new u.n. security council resolution. >> another nato meeting is scheduled in five days, but the bottom line tonight for now, the anti-gadhafi forces, well, they're largely on their own. let's begin our up-close look in the balance of power tonight with our senior international correspondent nick robinson. he's
in britain. they're telling us as soon as they can confirm that they will give us a statement. they were saying he was ineffective and not particularly important but that does fly in the face of his many year, 15 year s until 2009 the intelligence chief, head of their secret negotiating team, secret talks in britain, for example, in the early 2000s to work on the lockerbie case, financial retribution for the downing of the pan am 103 so this is a man with a lot of secrets on this regime and whose departure will cause ripples to flow through many other senior figures here, what's been interesting to see moussa koussa change his attitude over the past month h we arrived, the first thing that happened we were told to immediately go and interview the foreign minister and he gave a very, very robust defense of the regime but within a couple of weeks he was changing. he came to a press conference here and barely read his statement keeping his head down like this and there was no commitment in his voice, in fact, he walked out of the press conference early and it was at that moment that we had
and involving u.s. forcesize dramatically higher tonight. earlier today libya's government responded to a tough new united nations resolution authorizing military strikes and said it would agree to a cease-fire in its struggle against opposition forces. but within hours there was ample evidence, including i'm told u.s. intelligence images, that the fighting continues. tonight the white house says gadhafi is in violation of that resolution already and the libyan dictator is left to mull this stern warning from the president of the united states. >> if gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences and the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> tonight the united kingdom and france say they are moving warplanes into the region and qatar and the united arab emirates are promising to join the anti-gadhafi coalition as well. president obama was another mand, no u.s. ground forces would be involved, but u.s. officials say a number of u.s. military and intelligence assets are part of this new effort, including awacs and refueling plan
is more bloody by the day. as colonel moammar gadhafi uses his military air power to attack opposition forces, pressure is mounting on the obama white house and its allies to do more. the nato alliance tonight says it has completed an assessment of what it would take to impose a no-fly zone and prevent gadhafi from using his air force. but nato ministers won't meet on the issue until thursday. so with no military moves imminent, mr. obama used a meeting with australia's prime minister today to warn gadhafi loyalists, think twice. >> it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward. and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> let's take a closer look now at how the civil war is playing out in some of the day's more dramatic images. libya, large in its land mass. but remember, as we've been telling you, the battle is really up here. these strategic coastal oil and gas producing. benghazi in the east controlled by opposition forces to gadhafi. some of the fiercest fighting on this day here in ras lanuf. you'll hear it as well. these
, their end game in libya must include an end to have gadhafi's rule. >> all of us have to continue the pressure on and deepen the isolation of the gadhafi regime. this includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to gadhafi he must go. >> the libya conflict was also a major focus on capitol hill today. nato's top military officer told congress, most of the leaders of the opposition are trustworthy, but maybe not all. >> we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al qaeda, hezbollah, we've seen different things. but at this point, i don't have details sufficient to say that there's a significant al qaeda presence or any other terrorist presence in and among those folks. >> here's something else from admiral staviridis worth noting. the cost of this war. >> it will be in the hundreds of millions dollars. >> at least $550 million so far. let's go over and map it out. if you look here across, these are all the key cities across northern libya. this is where we were pre-conflict, pre the military coalition launching its strikes. gadhafi here
american fighters jets are active at the moment, u.s. pilots flew 113 of the 175 coalition air sorties yesterday, for example, that u.s. role will shrink dramatically in the next few days leaving others to decide on military targeting. on the ground all public signals from the regime suggest continued defiance and continued attacks on the opposition. but here's the intriguing nugget. senior u.s. officials tell cnn tonight that some members of gadhafi's inner circle are reaching out to the state department and reaching out to other arab nations, as well. curious contacts to say the least but as yet our sources tell us no indication gadhafi himself is looking to negotiate an exit strategy. >> i think there are any number of possible outcomes here, and no one is in a position to predict them. whether they're -- whether there are major further defections or divisions within his family, there are a variety of possibilities that seems to me. >> a variety of possibilities but listen here, secretary gates isn't betting on a peaceful settlement. >> gadhafi has basically sworn that he will show
of one of japan's coastal nuclear power plants. as we look at some of the new images coming into us, japan's national police estimate at least 184 people are dead, 530 are miss, but we are certain as we watch these new images come in that that number will climb as the waters recede. some government officials, in fact, quoted in japanese media outlets predicting the death toll at a minimum will pass the 1,000 mark. there's been a little over 18 hours now. let's take a closer look. it's a magnitude 8.9 quake recorded right here off japan's eastern coast. you see the town of sendai. that was closest. tokyo down here. the hashedest hit, this flashing ring here, but vibrations all the way down throughout japan's coastal areas right here. the images are stunning. first the vibrations and the strong earthquake, the strongest on record in japan. then not long after all that shaking, the breathtaking power of the waters unleashed by a 30 foot tsunami. cars and boats, even homes tossed about like toys. look again at these images here. it is just striking the awesome, sobering power of the wat
was turning up to. the officials couldn't tell us what was going to happen, but an expectation was created that all the journalists would get some kind of press conference with moammar gadhafi. maybe able to ask a few questions in the event when he came in. pandemonium. cameras trying to get a better angle. he seemed confused about which direction to go in. the security didn't know how to lead him through the crowd. he eventually got through and taken away. he had a bodyguard taken away behind a curtain for a solitary interview it appears with a turingish news channel. we do know the government is desperately looking for journalists to invite in. friends from other nations, not t the people, the europeans or the united states looking for journalists from other nations. trying to broaden his appeal f you will. so he left through a back door. nobody got to ask him questions. and that was it. after nine hours of waiting, everyone was left standing there empty handed john. >> empty handed, but that appearance came after a day of rumors that tribal leaders or people close to gadhafi may plan a
. the libyan government trying to use its air advantage and in ras lanuf. an opposition held town. that is a giant fuel storage tanker that blew up. they said it was because of forces loyal to al qaeda. people on the ground say it was part of the opposition forces trying to keep hold of that town under a regime offensive. with them planning a meeting thursday to discuss options there is little doubt the regime is rushing to make the most of its superior firepower and targeting opposition leaders. on state tv today, 500,000 dinar bounty, 410,000 for the capture of mustafa abdal jalil. he is an opposition leader and in a moment an exclusive interview with abdal jalil before the rebels are overrun. key oil and gas cities along the foreign coast, the strategic towns, cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson in tripoli. if you look at libyan state tv the regime is saying it has taken zawiya. >> reporter: the demonstrations of the pro-government seeing on the state television tonight did appear to be live. they came at dusk on the outskirts of zawiyah but 24 hours ago they
around. there's obviously u.s. military is continuing to do operations and navy says their operations will go unhampered although they rerouted some vessels so they are not docking where they had planned to. you have increasingly desperate situation on the ground for people in the tsunami hit areas where you have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are now homeless living in shelters. there's increasing short supply of food and water for people. it's not -- in some towns we're getting reports that it is desperate situation where people are actually forging through debris looking for food that they may be able to find. in some of the larger cities you don't hear that but there are long lines for water. the water runs out. i was at a water distribution yesterday where the water ran out. you know, tensions are definitely rising and people are certainly concerned whether or not the government has their hands around the nuclear situation which clearly they don't at this point and are just doing the best they can. also whether or not they really have their hands around th
gadhafi's son saif. he joins us live from tripoli now. nic? one thing he made clear is in the east of the country the attacks will continue. what are the steps to bring respect to the country? he said first we'll take control of the country from the militias. thchs a new word from him. militia. militia is not al qaeda, not drug taking youth. militias, he said. in other parts of the country where the angry government. he said the government would take the fight and tanks all over the the areas and not until it's taken control over there would they begin to withhold the constitution. so he lays out a military plan first followed by reforms. we asked him about military action in zawiya. he says it will all be done by the end of saturday. he said the people there have been trying to get out of the town, both get out of the town and attack the oil refinery. kwint dentally where journalists were taken yesterday. the sources we saw talk of 15 people dead, 200 killed. there are rivers of blood in the hospital. >>> so gadhafi's son essentially ak nonling this is an up rising of libyans with
here, also not answering his phone at the moment. in fact, they seem turned off and not in use. so i think there's some interesting things happening there. we just don't really see them at the moment, john. >> so as the civil war plays out in any circumstances, and now when you have some cracks like this, how the regime communicates with the public is pretty important in trying to maintain the support of its loyalists, especially in tripoli, the capital. what is the sense -- how is the regime trying to put the best face on this, perhaps to use propaganda to talk about this? >> reporter: propaganda, propaganda through state television here. this is the way they're doing it. on the television this evening, for example, we see people, perhaps several hundred, gadhafi's palace compound. so they're putting out that image on television. we're seeing the sort of patriotic military training, exercises, images, where you see, you know, you see members of the military doing sort of training, exercises, wrestling, firing, heavy weapons, firing off, all that sort of thing that's designed to show
. one of them is wrapped around a light pole. you become used to seeing these surreal images and as you say, the death toll continues to rise, the full numbers, at this point are still very early days, we really have no idea what -- and you have seen more and more search and rescue crews out there, you see the japanese defense core, the japanese military, i have seen two town where is they have shown up and begun searching, but there are so many areas that are difficult and inaccessible that it's just very hard a at this point for the search and rescue teams to get to all the places where they're needed, the search and rescue teams from fairfax, virginia and also los angeles have arrived and there's others coming from all around the world. but there's so much needed it's going to take time, and obviously time is running out for those who are still trapped in the wreck cadge. >> as you see more and more and more, sometimes it's hard to put it into context when you see the big scope of things and sometimes you have to pick an image or two to help people understand the damage. a truck carr
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24